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Whisper Training - Natural Horsemanship Training and Instruction

In addition to offering lessons to students who already own their own horses I also offer horsemanship and riding lessons to students who do not have their own horse on my two wonderful lesson horses at Forest View Farm in Warrenton, VA!! I am offering lessons for anyone ages 12 to adult*. My lessons include learning basic horse care, grooming, leading, groundwork, horse psychology, safety, and riding from beginner to advanced.

If you are interested in learning to ride, learning more about horse care and groundwork, or looking to advance riding skills you already have feel free to contact me for more information. 

If you are interested but want to watch a lesson or training session first I can arrange for that as well.

*Due to the size of my lesson horses, riders must weigh less than 225lbs to ride my horses in lessons.
Standing on the bridge
# trail riding
Like my training sessions, all lessons start on the ground. Even if your horse is well-trained and responsive in the saddle, they can still benefit from learning some basic groundwork and warming up on the ground is a great way to check out how your horse is feeling that day and establish a connection.
For a well-trained horse that you already have a great connection and relationship with, warming up on the ground may only take 5 minutes - just enough to see how your horse is feeling that day and get him connected with you. For horses that have other issues, like spooking, bucking, rearing, bolting, etc many of these issues are best fixed on the ground and may take one or more sessions completely on the ground before they are safe to ride.
Perhaps you already have a great connection with your horse and he or she is well trained and responsive in the saddle, but you want to work on your riding, aids, and equitation. I can help you with that too. I have a lot of great techniques and exercises that will help you become more balanced and confident in the saddle and use your body in a way that helps your horse use his body effectively, instead of hindering it.

Your weight and balance can make a huge difference in where your horse carries his weight. If you are off balance, even a little, or have your weight too far forward your horse will have a harder time using his hindquarters and balancing his body properly. If your horse has trouble with one of his canter leads, they may be stiff on one side of their body OR you may be stiff on one side of yours and making it difficult for him. Learning to be flexible and strong on both sides of your body equally can make a big difference in your horse's athleticism.
Regardless on what style of riding you do, or what your goals are, I can help you become a more balanced, effective rider and develop a horse who is confident, respectful, and responsive and who enjoys being ridden as much as you enjoy riding him!
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