Whisper Training - Training and Lesson Rates
Whisper Training - Natural Horsemanship Training and Instruction

Training and Lesson Rates

Training Sessions and Private Lessons:

At my barn on one of my horses:

  • $40 / 1 hour session
  • $75 / 2 hour session

If I come to your barn:
  • $50 / Hour

Full Training Board$900 Plus $150 Board Fee Paid to Barn Owner. Payment Plans may be available upon request. 
  • Board your horse at the barn I board at (Forest View Farm, Warrenton, VA) so i can work with them daily.  
  • Excellent option for starting young horses or horses with deep-seated problems.
  • I provide a 8 to 10 hours of training a week (depending on what they need and can handle) for your horse and all care, which included daily grooming, blanketing/fly masks on/off as necessary, and feeding twice a day. You provide grain, supplements, and/or hay as necessary or I can provide for an additional fee (just the actual cost of grain/hay depending on how much your horse needs). 
  • Field board only, although a limited number of stalls may be available with permission from the barn owner for an additional fee.

  • Partial Training Board - $500 Plus $150 Board Fee Paid to Barn Owner. 
    • Great option for horses with minor issues, horses needing to learn basic groundwork, or riding tuneups.
    • I provide 4 hours of training a week (generally spaced over five 45 min sessions) and all the same care listed above.
    • Discounted Lesson rates available for owners with their horse is Partial Training - your horse or mine!

    **Starting young horses under saddle is only available with full training board at this time. Payment plans may be available for Full training board upon request.**

    If you are interested in my services, I will be happy to come out and meet with you, discuss your goals and any problems you are having, and what you are looking to have you or your horse get out of the sessions.

    I will give you a plan of how I will help you progress and / or fix the problems you are having. If you would like to come watch a lesson or watch a training session with another horse to get an idea of the style of riding and training I use I am happy to arrange that. References available upon request.

    For drives longer than 30 miles I charge a trip charge of $.50/mile, which may be waived if I have other clients near by scheduled on the same day.

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